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With the Sri Lankan cricket team under attack in Lahore – physically this time, is it the end of International Cricket in the Sub-Continent?

Mind you the joint World Cup Cricket hosts for 2011 are Pakistan, Sri Lanka and India.

How could this be let to happen? Where is the intelligence? Or is intelligence (security) seriously lacking in this part of the world? The Indian authorities missed it in Mumbai and now the Pakistanis have missed it totally – especially when it’s a high profile tour.

(There are a lot of questions to ask and analyses to make – but my blog is not about politics or economics by the book…….)

India traced back the Mumbai attackers to Pakistan and some sections of the Pakistani press are already pointing fingers at India – a very simple solution!!!! Are these nations run by IDIOTS or are the leaders so self consumed that nothing else really matters?

I am writing this blog impromptu as the news about today’s attack unfolds and without going into any detailed research can only say it is another very sad day not only for Pakistan but for the Sub-Continent.

With the ‘LTTE Gone Bonkers’ in Sri Lanka, ‘Mumbai Under Siege’ a few months ago and now ‘The Massacre in Lahore’ we have sent the right signals to the world – STAY AWAY FROM HERE !

On another note it is time for all citizens in these countries to revolt – against their blood sucking, greedy, dishonest politicians – sooner the better.


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