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Today the average Brit has officially lost faith in the economy, the banks, markets and it’s Politicians!!! So says The Guardian.

And as the world speculates on the affects of financial bail-outs or the next conglomerate to collapse, the Brits are living it up.

The credit crunch has been blamed for a lot of things – repossessions, redundancies and the demise of Woolworths – but in recent weeks it has also hit the headlines for reigniting sex lives. A recent survey named sex as the nation’s favourite free activity ahead of window shopping and gossiping!

In the last six weeks Condom sales have officially spiralled as have sales of sex toys and ‘enhancers’. So unless people are using these as water balloons and ‘enhancing’ their ‘toy’ collections, it seems sex is on the rise. That’s excellent!

So what are they doing?

Having a steamy night in, instead of splashing cash on tiles or a meal out, maybe, or getting drunk and having ‘one night stands’?

The City of London, where at best of times there is random promiscuity, seems to tell a different story. A 20% increase in reporting of sex addiction in the 25 plus age group!

The symptoms being increased visit to strip clubs, desire to have affairs and visiting prostitutes. What with the economic boom in the last 3 years, indecent bonuses and pay outs, there has been a mushrooming of “Gentlemen’s clubs”. And men often take female colleagues to these clubs. It has therefore become socially acceptable. And that makes the next step of going to a prostitute that much easier, the oldest profession always sits comfortable on the fringe of such ‘pleasuring holes’.

Also CityDoctor, a private clinic with branches in Canary Wharf, Moorgate and Harley Street which counts large numbers of City workers among its patients, has reportedly seen a 30 per cent increase in the number of City people coming to the clinic with STDs, year-on year.

So, is it that strip-clubs have stopped being seedy is part of the “rationalisation process” that allows people to convince themselves that otherwise dodgy/ outlandish behaviour is okay?

And if its escapism that fuels such behaviour, isn’t it a case of ‘frying pan into the fire’?

Whatever it is, there are two types of people: ones using condoms, and the others with STDs.

Fellow Bloggers, what’s happening in your parts of the world?


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