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The birth place of cricket has long moved away from its appreciation of the sport en masse, and taken football by its all extensions. With that has come a surge of millionaires and idols.

The cricketers have been relegated to a second class status and are subject to criticism for the slightest drop in standards – it is also amazing how the configuration of the team changes every few months – almost seeming like a trial and error game. But when it comes to football – the national sport – fortunes change and millions are made, stories of ‘rags to riches’ are told. PR Gurus work hard to groom raw talents with social skills to carry them forward, the media make heroes over night, the clubs get into bidding wars and suddenly every kid in town has a new ‘idol’!

Professional WAG

With fame comes money and then comes attitude – arrogance and a feeling of ‘untouchability’. The zipper seems to get the first knock – and as if a malfunction, often finds it hard to keep up in place! But then fame and infidelity have long been great friends and partners in many upsets, heartbreaks and ‘sudden deaths’ – we saw the Tiger come out of the Woods (so smooth – we thought he couldn’t even break wind)!

The ex-partner. Trophy indeed!

Our much groomed boys then hunt their trophy partners, some get the real ones while the others tag on to fading lingerie models. Either way the media love them, till one day somebody finds out more. They are still loved though – where would the tabloids go without them?

But hang on.

All that is said before is part of our lives till a footballer decides to dump their partner for good AND his best friend (married or not is not MY problem) finds access to the much tormented ex-partner and consoles her into her ‘drawers’. The world falls apart – Celebrity footballer sleeps with best friend’s ex-partner!

Fine, so?

But best friend doesn’t like it. He runs to his tormented EX to console her and even shed a tear. Wow – Hollywood come forth, willya?

And then he decides to forego a place on the national squad. How brave and patriotic! And ofcourse grossly stupid….

The verdict:

Terry grabbed a knicker that shouldn’t have rocked the boat – probably put it back too 🙂  

Wayne proved an idiot, giving up the opportunity of his life  –  a Bridge too weak and wobbly !

And England will once again try to repeat its 1966 feat in SA.

Time to sift the Boys from the Men.


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Wheel House
This was my third trip to the Broads…..and as usual the place still holds a lot of excitement for me.Chugging along in our own motor cruiser -the Malibu Light, miles and miles of gentle waterways glistening in the sunlight with the peaceful Norfolk countryside as far as the eye can see – it was sheer bliss for 3 days.

Our Shelter for Two Nights

Our Shelter for Two Nights

Relaxing as we listened to the water lapping against the stern and looking out for moorhens stirring in the rushes, it was a welcome break. We visited the nature reserves and explored some pretty villages and medieval ruins on the way. The sumptuous barbecue at our mooring in Gayes Staithe one afternoon was an experience, and we did it so well for 14 people – pros.

Rest of teh time we literally whiled away the hours watching the serene countryside and settled down with a glass of wine as the sunlight slowly faded away…….it was then time for dinner and the kitchen on the cruiser served its purpose…..no complaints!

At Salhouse Broads

At Salhouse Broads

The Norfolk Broads is now the UK’s largest nationally protected wetland and an important area for wildlife. The Broads were formed when people dug for peat in Medieval times and then they were later flooded. The Victorians used them for transporting heavy loads but nowadays they are here purely for pleasure and passengers are the boats’ main cargo.

Sunset from our mooring

Sunset from our mooring

A holiday in the Norfolk Broads is like a whole new world. And it’s easy. No complicated locks to manoeuvre, just 125 miles of navigable waterways with plenty of places to moor up and hop out to explore pretty villages and market towns, or to stop at a welcoming pub to set up for the rest of the day.

This time it was with family and we had a ball.

Highly recommended.

Click here for my photostream of tthe Broads.

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