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Friday evening…..

Its been a week of many random happenings, but like me in this world, mostly trivia.

Boiler broken down – no heating and hot water. 5 degrees (C) inside the house. Gets repaired, but breaks down within 45 minutes of the engineer’s departure!!! Micro heater takes over, but can’t cope – gives up – funny?
Proposal deadlines at work, client wants a meeting – how interesting! Talk about timing – both missed each other by 2 hours – who saved the collision? Random us mortals.How? Late nights, rushing through things, stressing and feeling like human faeces (known as something else).

And now its Friday evening – half of London’s probably legless, i dont want to be. Wanted to blog HARD….but no food at home.
Next option – take away food. Not the best option – lets eat at Regency. Cant tell you more about it now.

Was flipping through The Mansion on the Hill:

‘There are two reasons why a man does anything.
There’s a good reason and there’s the real reason.’ John Pierpont Morgan (JP for the Investment Banker, huh!)

So why do I blog?

Life doesn’t really suck….
I clicked this primate family on a trip to South India in May ’07.


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