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Boris BikesWaiting - St. Pancras StationResting at the St. Paul's Cathedral GroundsThe canopy over St.Pancras StationSt Pauls Cathedral GroundsThe canopy over St Pancras station - the Barlow Trainshed
St Paul's CathedralSlices of the Cathedral.Slices of the Cathedral (St Pauls)Ruins of the old London WallLunchtime meeting - steps of the Royal Exchange, CornhillLunchtime taxi queue outside a popular eatery frequented by the corporate world.
Queen Victoria StreetAn ode to a friend - Kings Cross St PancrasPassengers at Kings Cross Station concourseCycles parked by a telephone boothNoble StreetLombard Street, City of London
Lombard Street, EC1Leadenhall Market, City of LondonLamb Tavern, Leadenhall MarketInside the Counting HouseFlowers at the StationFlorists at Kings Cross Station

LONDON – Various Shades, a set on Flickr.

Living and working in London often gets one into the drawl of things – complaints, whining, moaning – all about the weather, the journeys and everything that never seems right! – Story of an average Londoner.

Until, when one decides to give it a go and try capturing London’s various faces – and a different image emerges – medieval to modern to colourful to simply grey! Full of history, London amazes me!

Here is an attempt to capture sights as I see of the city. I will continue to update with fresh shots from time to time..

Cameras used – Canon EOS 5D and Fujifilm X E 1


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The stats helper monkeys at WordPress.com mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

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In 2010, there were 2 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 35 posts. There were 2 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 186kb.

The busiest day of the year was March 16th with 102 views. The most popular post that day was The Indian Premier League (IPL) goes abroad – is this is the Real Opportunity?.

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The top referring sites in 2010 were mahalo.com, flickr.com, mystufie.co.cc, facebook.com, and obama-scandal-exposed.co.cc.

Some visitors came searching, mostly for shilpa shetty, hamilton island, iguazu falls, city of joy, and shilpa.

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These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


The Indian Premier League (IPL) goes abroad – is this is the Real Opportunity? March 2009


IGUAZU FALLS – Argentina/ Brazil / Paraguay February 2009


‘The Best Job In The World’ – Shortlists Bangalore Boy….. April 2009


BUENOS AIRES – Argentina February 2009


RIO DE JANIERO – Brazil May 2009

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Day four brought just a little bit of relief to me only as a KKR fan…..with the win it seemed like I wasn’t a sucker,supporting some team without a direction! However, seeing them win without Duckworth Lewis method being brought in would have been greater joy….the real game is about playing it and as a fan its the adrenalin that players bring in us mere mortals which gives value for our money and love for the sport…

IPL Cheersleaders on the Bench

IPL Cheersleaders on the Bench

Taking on from my last blog, Day 2 was much interrupted with rains and D/L was name of the game then. I raised concern about Lalit Modi’s gamble on SA and as I was wiping off the fears of more bad weather as the pessimist in me…it strikes again.

London shines in good April weather while SA reels under bursts of heavy rain….its sod’s law as we are often prone to.


The learning probably is that India needs to mature as a nation that can withstand the pressure of its General Elections and support national events that make its people upbeat, generate economic activity and keep the one of the best developments in the national sport within her boundaries.

When will they ever learn? The bloody politicians!

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Simply by virtue of my work location I was in the centre of the storm -the G20 protests in the City of London. Police briefings had warned us against the brewing plans of the ‘anarchists’ and dress down was order of the day -standing us apart from the ‘pin striped-silk tie clad’ City slickers!

Getting Ready

Getting Ready

Midday Onlookers

Midday Onlookers

The day started with a trickle of protesters gathering in various corners, a dress run of a few hundred cyclists protesting against climate change, when suddenly around mid-day the noise of police choppers woke us from the monotonous office stupour. A walk around the corner brought us to this complete different world where a few thousands had gathered in front of the Bank of England – placards read ‘CRAP-ITALIST B-WANKERS’ , ‘ABOLISH MONEY’, ‘VESSEL FOR YOUR GUILT’, ‘BAIL ME OUT DARLING’…..the mood was upbeat, drums and bands played war beats and the crowd jeered on. A few thousand policemen stood guard in a cordon. At one point the onlookers with cameras seemed to out number the ‘anarchists’!
The Heat Is On

The Heat Is On

Protesters Progress

Protesters Progress

Initial jeering turned into taunts and then came rants of extreme provocation. The police stayed calm and some even had a smile. Suddenly it turned ugly, the crowd lunged forward, missiles of beer cans, milk bottles, eggs, smoke bombs, lunch boxes came hurling at the cops. Still no reactions. This was a line up of British Transport Police with just a baton in hand but forming a formidable cordon. Suddenly an officer was fiercly struck with a wooden baton – the Police reacted this time but once again showing extreme restraint. The officers charged with their baton and at one point even looked outnumbered by the surging crowds, which by this time had swelled. The riot corps were waiting in the wings, and it was their turn – in came the battalions with their shields and batons to contain the frivolity.
Crowd Gaining Ground

Gaining Ground

The Bank of England

The Bank of England

In the melee I managed an advantageous spot, sheltered from the missiles and the surges and still being at the epicentre of things, I came out unscathed – but ofcourse with these pictures of the battlefield.
As You Read It

As You Read It

Mocking the B-Wankers!

Mocking the B-Wankers!

Today was a day that opened my eyes to a few things and without sharing these with you I would do injustice to a great system which has somehow sadly lost the appreciation of its own people. I heard the most extreme obscenities and taunts directed at these policemen on duty, a constant fusilade of abuses and missiles directed at them, every kind of instigation meant to excite them and provocations of a million types to get their reactions – but these brave and fair forces held their ground like true stoics – their faces didn’t give away any emotions, neither did their actions! The message was very clear – say what you have to, this is a free country but harm no one!
Taking the Brunt of It

Taking the Brunt of It

Word Of Caution

Word Of Caution

Is this not democracy? Many of us from various parts of the world have seen and experienced protests, uprisings and even riots and most often its the law keepers who emerged the demons – violating every sort of human rights, oppressing the public and showing no mercy with their guns and batons – a protest of this size could easily count a few hundred casualties! Correct me if I am lying………
The Wall

The Wall

However, on another note I even observed that the majority of these protesters seemed like wasters, students with no direction, drunks, the homeless and the ‘USELESS’!
……………..Hurray to the Met Police!!!!

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City of London Feb 2,2009

City of London Feb 2,2009

London hasn’t seen this kind of snow in the last 18 years, this is official. Although I still remember that day in January 2003, when the snow caught us unawares and chaos reigned supreme in London and the suburbs. That was the day when it took me 7 hours to get back a distance normally travelled in 45 minutes, not home but to a cousin’s a mile away from home. Again on that day people I know spent the night in their cars on the London bound M11, without food and water.

Moorgate, Feb 3, 2009

Moorgate, Feb 2, 2009

This year, we have been told weeks in advance about the big Russian chill coming our way – about to test our mettle with the vagaries of nature. With so much time to prepare, our roads were snow piled, 52 miles of traffic tail gates on M25 (the London peripheral), buses were off the road, trains ran ‘revised schedules’ (our way of saying Skeletal ) ……and six million people did not turn up at work!!!

London? Feb 3, 2009

London? Feb 2, 2009

Then there were 800 flights cancelled, City Airport, Luton and Stanstead airports shut – yes closed! Thousands of people couldn’t travel at our airports. More than 2000 schools remained closed in and around London, for the second day, adding to the woes of working parents. How utterly disgusting – that’s what I heard people say on the trains!

Fun times!

Fun times!

Meanwhile, the media had a blast – one said it cost us £1.5 billion, another £3.0 billion and yet another £2.0 billion. Whatever, it is, there is a cost to such calamity!
So it hurts, even more as we are pretty sore, after the ‘esteemed’ bankers have violated the economy, on its fours.

Having a 'Snow go'

Having a 'Snow go'

Come on have a heart!

London shone in ethereal splendour, parts of the suburbs resembled continental ski resorts, snow men peeped out of unexpected corners, there was a smile on every face I encountered on my way to work, cameras were out and people seemed to soak in the beauty and a good vibe prevailed. Snow sleds were out, adults rolled on the snow in childish abandon, and for a while it seemed like a holiday.

People were glowing, and maybe months of media induced ‘depression’ was suddenly overcome by a Russian drift – as if Putin decided to share a part of the excesses his people constantly endure!

I came across a couple of indulgent pensioners having a ‘snow go’ at each other, men with skis on Bentley Priory and kids with their surf boards. To top it all, a group of men noticed me salivating at their exploits and invited me on the sled – it was ‘free fall’ on the slope, a funny feeling and suddenly I echoed what millions of Londoners probably did too – ‘Sod it – Enjoy!’

The next time maybe after 10 years!

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At my local barber shop, I was pleased to see Katie back at work this Saturday. She had been off work the better part of last year looking after her second child who turned one in December. Katie has been a very pleasant and efficient face of Focus for the last seven years I have been there, once a month for my trim.

We were chatting and I asked her about the boys and she surprised me with ‘A hand full with three kids below three…’! ‘Three’, I asked. The third happened to be her “sister”……she explained, that her mum who had moved in with a partner many years ago had a daughter two and a half years ago and succumbed to cancer last year, leaving the little girl behind. ‘What about her biological father?’, I asked. ‘In prison charged with physical assault on a teenager’. So Katie has taken responsibility of the child and given her a home!

What amazes me is the grit of this woman who already struggles with a boy the same age as her ‘half-sister’ and another one year old who has congenital defects and is undergoing treatment. And she is struggling with the Child Protection Agency to secure Guardian Rights on the three year old girl. Officially she cannot adopt her as a daughter, purely because by relationship they are classified as ‘siblings’.

She further explained how the little girl was in some ways finding it difficult to adjust and doesn’t take to her husband too well, even though he tries hard. They are currently awaiting help from a Child Psychologist. However, they suspect that the interim placement of the child with another couple with a slightly irate male partner may have given her a fear of the adult male.

Just then, a call came for Katie. It was her husband. A few minutes later she explained how he does not understand that there are bills to pay and a holiday is not an option. What did that mean?

They had officially tied the knot two years ago and had planned for a late honeymoon this year. Having booked, they had to pay off the balance in the next six weeks – all of £700. He wanted to put aside money to make it happen, but she thought it was more important to pay bills and provide for their new family!

I told her how brave she was! And left feeling funny……..

Here is a face of our society that lives on basic instincts – but of a different kind!

I have two questions:

Why do we fail to talk about them more often?

Wonder what her thoughts about the CREDIT CRUNCH are?

(I have changed the name of the real character.)

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Friday evening…..

Its been a week of many random happenings, but like me in this world, mostly trivia.

Boiler broken down – no heating and hot water. 5 degrees (C) inside the house. Gets repaired, but breaks down within 45 minutes of the engineer’s departure!!! Micro heater takes over, but can’t cope – gives up – funny?
Proposal deadlines at work, client wants a meeting – how interesting! Talk about timing – both missed each other by 2 hours – who saved the collision? Random us mortals.How? Late nights, rushing through things, stressing and feeling like human faeces (known as something else).

And now its Friday evening – half of London’s probably legless, i dont want to be. Wanted to blog HARD….but no food at home.
Next option – take away food. Not the best option – lets eat at Regency. Cant tell you more about it now.

Was flipping through The Mansion on the Hill:

‘There are two reasons why a man does anything.
There’s a good reason and there’s the real reason.’ John Pierpont Morgan (JP for the Investment Banker, huh!)

So why do I blog?

Life doesn’t really suck….
I clicked this primate family on a trip to South India in May ’07.

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